Product Documentation & Marketing Communications

KnowledgeTree Services


Technical Writing and Editing

Our staff technologists, writers, and editors each have many years of high-tech writing or editing experience. They are supported by skilled subject matter experts in a technologies ranging from computer science and network engineering to genomic research and computerized behavioral modeling.

Courseware Development and Sales Training

We develop training courses for highly technical products. Our courses provide clear objectives and verifiable results.  We also specialize in creating customer sales training programs, and in performing competitive analysis to create battle cards and targeted product comparison collateral.

Online Help Authoring

We have been authoring platform-specific and cross-platform help system from the time the very first high-level tools were released, and continue to use the best tools available.  

Instructional Videos

The new literacy goes far beyond the printed work, and countless developers, influencers, and even senior executives prefer showing and telling to reading. We help you reach your audience where it is. Our staff and contributors include subject matter experts, writers, animators, screen talent, and voice talent.  

Translation Services

Our criteria for matching translators to assignments is simple and effective: 1. Fluency in both the source and destination languages. 2. Proficient communications skills. 3. Appropriate technical expertise augmented by our staff technicians.

Project Management

We can manage as much or as little of your documentation process as you like. KnowledgeTree has managed projects for many Fortune 500 clients, spanning multiple continents and corporate divisions divisions. We are adept at providing turn-key documentation services--augmenting your in-house technical documentation department or function virtualizing that function completely.